What A Tangle…

OK so where did all this start? It might be a good idea to begin here:

Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber

Just today, I found this:

I thought this segment was particularly damning:

I am absolutely floored. James Damore has read this and he seems to think it has some cred. But this business with the NLRB is just unbelievable. Isn’t that illegal?

In Feb 2018, long before anyone knew of this “collusion” between Google & the NLRB, Damore spoke at Portland State University; the video is here:

Peter Boghossian, Helen Pluckrose, and James Lindsey (who is seated in the audience) are the three scholars involved in the Grievance Studies project; more on this here:

More on this later…


Oh Dear Lord…

I made it to another Christmas vacation. I don’t have to go back to work until 2019. The relief almost HURTS, it’s so powerful. LOL!

Tomorrow, I turn 49 years old. That means one year from tomorrow, I hit the half-century mark. HOLY CRAP BATMAN I AM OFFICIALLY OLD NOW!!

I have no idea what, if anything, Joe and I will do for my birthday tomorrow but it’s nice to be able to stay home, have the day to myself, and do whatever I want. If I want to spend it playing with yarn and the cats, fine, I can do that. No big deal. 

Today we had a branch-wide event that was held in a park in south Orlando, near Holden Ave & Orange Ave. Very nice park. The day was a little chilly, only 65° F/18° C, with some fairly strong breeze. This means, by the way, tonight we are shutting off the AC and sleeping with the porch door open. Since our porch is screened, we don’t have to worry about the cats. Anyway, I attended this event and then we all left about 3pm. Oddly enough, after I said goodbye to people like Mari and Mark and John E and Julie etc, and I got in my car and drove home, I actually found myself in tears. I guess I’ll just miss everyone. I’ll miss the routine of getting up and going to FDC and manning the front desk and doing my thing. 

But I’m sure I’ll get over that pretty quickly. 

It’s funny how I am getting more and more emotional about weird stuff like that as time goes by. I think it has to do with…wait for it…menopause and alterations in my hormone balance. 

I don’t know for SURE that I’m menopausal (officially/medically defined as 12 consecutive months sans a period) but I think I’m going through the Change. November is almost over and there’s no sign of Aunt Flo. October? Hmph. A lame attempt that barely materialized. So there’s that. My sleep also has been very – odd. I tend to wake up at 2 or 3 am for no reason; I understand that insomnia is part of the Change. I’ve also been more emotional of late, in ways I haven’t been for a long time. It’s like…coming off of Depo-Provera. When I was using it, I was a loose cannon. As I came off of it, there was a bit of an unbalanced time when I was a complete emotional wreck but then I calmed down as my hormones regulated again. 

This drives home the fact that our bodies really are very important and they do have an inherent wisdom that the brain needs to understand is different from pure cognition. And we can’t take biology as a personal insult – and I will say this: I think one of the problems with trans ideology is that it seems to encourage people to regard biology as bigotry. That ideology puts mind & brain completely in charge, and the body is regarded as what I’ll call “meat Play-Doh”. Like something you can mold and change and alter to fit your mind’s will. I think of this as a very Gnostic approach, because Gnosticism had a very poor regard for carnal life and a very high regard for spiritual life. 

By the way, it seems that there are some folks in the New Agey kind of world that think of Gnostics as being very enlightened indeed because of their view of body vs spirit. But here’s the thing: Gnosticism became a heresy for a reason. Its disrespect for physical life was one of those reasons. Given that I’m not 100% sure where I stand on a spiritual level – “officially” speaking, I’m Episcopalian – I will say this but say it with care: remember, God made the world and he pronounced it GOOD. This means that carnal life is a good thing. Through it we can experience various carnal/earthy blessings in life like great food and music and art and sexuality and all that stuff. These things are not bad in and of themselves – it’s a matter of how a person handles all this stuff. Is it walked with in a humble and respectful manner? If so, that is a good thing. 

Well, I digress. This is me, winding down after another year of work, and coming into my recreation & rest period. My “dormant” period, as it were. Truth be told, Joe and I will be damn glad to see the back of 2018 because in many ways, this damn year SUCKED for us. On so many levels, it completely sucked. 

Yet, we made it this far, and we have each other, and we have the two wee boys Gus and Sonny. Sometimes we both think we can face anything as long as we have each other. And as long as we do, the rest of the world can go bugger a beehive. LOL